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Cat’s Interieur

VIU-3 Cat Tree – Natural Oak

VIU-3 Cat Tree – Natural Oak

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The VIU-3 scratching post captivates because of its closeness to nature; with solid wood elements made from natural oiled oak and 100 % natural materials, handcrafted according to traditional carpentry in Austria. Equipped with a hammock feather pillow and two lying surfaces ─ which can be further equipped with additional feather beds or soft pads ─ it offers your cat variety in choosing the right place to sleep. The stem is made of solid coniferous wood, covered with sisal carpet. Under the base plate are three screwed rubber feet and an adjustable foot with a felt pad. This guarantees a firm stand even on uneven floors. For older cats, it is possible to replace the lower stem for a smaller height version and replacement parts are available, too, so you never need to replace the entire tree.

We recommend this tree for active, small and mid-sized cats.

The scratching tree is stable enough to accommodate big or even two cats easily. But the size of the lying area and the hammock might be a little too small for very large kitties like Maine Coon, British Shorthair or Ragdolls. Small and midsized cats however will have plenty of space to sleep on those cloud-like sleeping pads filled with feathers.

Product Details

Sizes & Dimensions
Length: 91 cm
Width: 82 cm
Height: 141,5 cm
Stem: 8,4 x 8,4 cm
Bottom Plate: 70 x 55 cm
1st Stage: 50 x 42 cm
2nd Stage: 50 x 42 cm
Hammock: 51 x 41 cm

• Wood: solid Oak, natural oiled
• Stem: solid coniferous wood, 100 % Sisal Rug
• Hammock cover: 100 % Cotton
• Hammock cushion: Feather pillow with 100 % feathers

Care Instructions
Hammock cover: The cover has a zip and can be removed completely. Washable at 30 °C.

Brand Values

The cat furniture from Cat’s Interieur is particularly imposing because of its closeness to nature — solid wood furniture made from 100 % natural materials, handcrafted according to traditional carpentry in Austria. Cat’s Interieur was born out of the love for a stray cat and the desire to create a home that it never wants to leave again. Cat’s Interieur donates 3 % of sales to the “Pfotenhilfe” community.

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