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TULA Cat House Round

TULA Cat House Round

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The TULA cat house is made of cardboard, felt and jute rope. These simple materials and their selection are not accidental, because MIOOU want your cat to accept and like each piece of furniture created especially for it.

The whole house is a scratcher, so that your cat can sharpen its claws, without damaging the furniture at your home.

A great advantage are the transparent side walls, through which your cat can see and hear everything perfectly. This gives your cat the impression of being hidden and, at the same time, the possibility to observe the world around it. These walls provide excellent ventilation, so there’s no need to worry about your cat being too cold or too warm.

The TULA house is the best place to play together. When your cat is sitting inside all you have to do is slide your finger over a cardboard wall or shine a light through it — your cat will go crazy with happiness.

Let the cat grab the toys through three small holes in the back wall — it will love it.

The jute rope — the handle for carrying the TULA house — ends with knots, which your cat can chew on. Let your cat try to catch the knots with its teeth, it will trigger its hunter’s instinct.

Your cat will know how to use the house and doesn’t need any manual for this.

Product Details

Katarzyna Galicka-Szer

Sizes & Dimensions
Length: 40 cm
Width: 42 cm
Height: 43 cm (without handle)
Opening Front: Ø 24 cm
Openings Back: Ø 6 cm
Weight: 3.6 kg

• Body: Corrugated cardboard and felt
• Handle: Jute rope

Care Instructions
Please keep the cat house away from fire, heavy sun exposure and rain. Stains on the felt parts can be carefully removed with a damp cloth. The cardboard parts however should not get into contact with water – we figure this is self-explanatory though.

Brand Values

The furniture made by the brand MIOOU is designed from a cat’s unique perspective. Made by an architect with care for design and aesthetics, all materials used are ecological and environmentally friendly. The collection consists of houses, tunnels and scratching posts, which are everything, that a cat needs to be happy. Thanks to its lightweight, portable construction and materials, MIOOU furniture gives more possibilities. Transparent walls stimulate curiosity and allow observance from all sides while well-thought-out openings, bite grips and scratch areas, encourage your cat to play.

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