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Save the Forest Floofs

Save the Forest Floofs

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The wolf was once the most common mammal. Then came the humans...

Thanks to european conservation projects, the population of wolves in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia has been stable for a long time. However, the population in Croatia and Bulgaria has been declining rapidly. Although they are slowly settling back in the Italian-French Alps and Germany (Baden-Württemberg & Saxony), recovering and becomming resident again. But close to people, there is still a great potential for new conflicts.

In many european countries, all owl species are also considered endangered. In many areas the short-eared owl is even threatened by extinction. Destruction of their habitat and deforestation is mainly responsible for the decline in populations. It is particularly difficult for the eagle owl, which – in some areas – no longer occurs at all.

And then there are those retards who make animal murder a celebration. Who belive chasing and hunting down animals would be sport - and governments seeing no problem with this. There is a differce between meticulously controlling population of animals, and hunting deers and foxes with dogs and horses until they collaps.

What does your commitment do?

  • Prohibition of trophy hunting
  • Prohibition of big game hunting
  • Prohibiton of any kind of animal bloodsports
  • Prohibition of offering and carrying out hunting trips
  • Forestation and building of new nesting boxes
  • Establishment of further nature protection zones
  • Supporting organic lifestock farmers who raise their animals in nature and are endengered by settlements of wolves or other big carnivores
  • Paving the way for returning animals who are in conflict with humans (e.g. wolves)
  • Educational work on living alongside returning wild animals like wolves, lynxes and bears.

Where does it go to?

  • National Parks
  • Conservation Associations
  • Wildlife Protection Organisations
  • Foundations

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