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MiaCara Calma Cat Bed Hexagon

MiaCara Calma Cat Bed Hexagon

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Give your favourite feline a beautiful, secure place to cat nap with the Calma cat bed. The hexagonal shape and special design of this luxury cat bed makes it a perfect choice for both your kitty and your home.

The raised and dimensionally stable edge of the Calma cat bed offers your cat a cosy nest and an ideal retreat to catch up on some beauty sleep.

The soft wool fabric comes in colours of light and dark mottled grey, which blend seamlessly into your home. This designer cat bed combines the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with an elegant look to make Calma a favourite for all felines. Treat your cat today.

Product Details

MiaCara Design Team

Sizes & Dimensions
Outer diameter: 45 cm
Inner diameter: 40 cm
Height: 15 cm
Weight: 0.60 kg

• 70 % Wool
• 20 % Polyester
• 5 % Polyamide
• 5 % Polyacrylic

Care instructions
It is recommended not to machine wash the wool fabric. For easy and uncomplicated cleaning, the Calma cat bed can be shaken out in between. Light soiling can also be simply brushed out. For heavier soiling, the cat bed can also be dry cleaned.

Brand Values

With loving attention to detail, MiaCara develops and produces products that convince pets and pet owners alike. Modern, well-thought-out designs and high-quality materials do not reveal the actual function of MiaCara cat furniture at first glance and show that it is possible to create contemporary designed cat furniture that does not neglect functionality.

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