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MiaCara Bosco Cat Toy

MiaCara Bosco Cat Toy

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This cat toy will bring new energy and some variety into playtime with your cat.

The Bosco Cat Toy has been designed with a sewn-in bag for loose catnip. The scent of catnip, which can be purchased separately, encourages even the laziest cat to play and has a calming effect on stressed cats. The handmade Bosco Cat Toy consists of natural wool felt and is safe to cuddle and snuggle.

For long-lasting fun, Bosco can be refilled with catnip at any time. Due to the Velcro fastener and a sewn-in bag made of cotton, the catnip stays in the toy and not scattered around your home. The minimal Scandinavian-style animal shapes make the Bosco Cat Toy a decorative accessory for every cat’s home.

Catnip encourages extra activity and calms down nervous cats.

Catnip is a great way to stimulate your cat and add a refreshing twist to playtime with your feline. The euphoric effect of the catnip encourages some extra activity but can also calm down nervous cats.

Available in a resealable 25 g pack in premium quality, Erba catnip is perfect for filling the MiaCara Bosco cat toy. The content consists of 100 % dried catnip and is therefore completely harmless. However, eating larger quantities can lead to an upset stomach.

Product Details

Bosco Cat Toy

Hans Thyge & Co

Sizes & Dimensions
Length: 11.6 cm
Width: 10 cm

Length: 20 cm
Width: 7.2 cm

Length: 11.2 cm
Width: 8 cm

Felt: 100 % wool
Inner fabric: 100 % cotton

Care Instructions
Stains can be carefully wiped off with a damp cloth. Please avoid rubbing and do not use any cleaning detergents. Brush off dirt and dust regularly.
Please note: The toy is not suitable for playing tug, as biting and pulling could damage the toy. Supervise your cat while playing. This toy is for pets only. Not intended for use by children.

Erba Catnip

Sizes & Dimensions
Weight: 25 g

100 % dried leaves of Nepetae Catariae

Care Instructions
Please store the catnip protected from light in a dry place.
Stability: Unopened in a room temperature of max. 25 °C, 48 months from the date of manufacture.

Brand Values

With loving attention to detail, MiaCara develops and produces products that convince pets and pet owners alike. Modern, well-thought-out designs and high-quality materials do not reveal the actual function of MiaCara cat furniture at first glance and show that it is possible to create contemporary designed cat furniture that does not neglect functionality.

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