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Lucky Cat Glitter Snow Globe Green

Lucky Cat Glitter Snow Globe Green

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Capture the Magic of Lucky Cats with our Glitter Snow Globe Green

This snow globe version of a lucky cat is simply unbelievably adorable. We do not advise on shaking cats, but this glittery lucky kitty loves it when you let the fine glitter particles dance around. This lucky cat snow globe is the perfect decorative addition to your home if you want a very special form of talisman that brings you lots of luck!

Did you know that the green snow globe, just like its waving cat role model, also stands for family and community? So you’re not only bringing home a decorative addition, but also a whole lot of happiness! Each globe features a charming lucky cat figurine surrounded by swirling glitter and a crystal-clear glass dome and it makes a wonderful gift for any cat lover or fan of Japanese culture.

Product Details

Colour Meaning
Family and Community

Sizes & Dimensions
Length: 10 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 11.3 cm


Brand Values

DONKEY is a German design label that loves to tell a little story with each of their products and the intention to put a smile on your face. They create extraordinary collections packed with joie de vivre. Urban gifts for happy people and guaranteed joy to give away or use for yourself.

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