Katchit Enamel Litter Box White Base

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219,00 €

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A Special Material

A Cat Litter Box ─ Antibacterial, Resistant, Durable, Easy to Clean and Not Absorbing Odors

Your KATCHIT cat litter boxes are made of enamelled sheet steel and anodized aluminum. You know that from your bathtub, by the way. Due to the glass-like, very scratch-resistant surface ─ with its extremely high durability ─ it is even resistant to acids and alkalis. However, due to the special properties of the pore-free surface, you no longer need those anyway. Katchit cat litter boxes are easy to clean with only water, does not absorb any odors, and remains permanently hygienic and antibacterial even without harsh cleaning agents.

The Most Sustainable Cat Litter Box

Values that we love: 100 % recyclable, plastic-free, produced under fair working conditions and environmentally friendly.

Only paints without heavy metals are used for Katchit. It’s manufactured in Germany by an owner-managed, medium-sized company, and the company is particularly proud of its fair wage structure. Economically, this litter box is also unbeatable. We have always believed that what doesn’t break doesn’t need to be replaced. This saves resources and many of our products are selected precisely because of this characteristic. If handled properly, the Katchit litter box has a practically unlimited lifespan. The constant purchase of new litter boxes is superfluous and the timeless design allows for a long use.

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