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Katchit Enamel Litter Box White Base

Katchit Enamel Litter Box White Base

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A Litter Box ─ Hygienic, antibacterial, plastic-free, permanently easy to clean, almost indestructible and 100 % made in Germany.

With this aesthetic design litter box made of enamel, everything fits—even the box itself fits particularly harmonious and above all odorless into every room. Unlike plastic, it does not absorb any of the smelly smells and can be hygienically cleaned with only water. No more cat urine smell for you, no more smell of harsh cleaners for kitty. A special feature of the litter box is that it fits both small and large cats (not at the same time though). The only thing it cannot help you with are notorious vertical pee-ers.

What you should know about your Katchit Litter Box: enamel is harder than metal

If you use metal shovels, you have to be careful. Not because it would break your litter box. No, on the contrary, more like the shovel ... Enamel is harder than metal, so the material of the shovel rubs off. It looks like scratches - but they aren’t - and can be easily removed with a metal polish.

Product Details

Sizes & Dimensions
Diameter: 48 cm
Height: 14 cm
Weight: approx. 3.6 kg

Available Ring Colors
• Gold
• Black
• Grey
• Silver

• Base: enamelled sheet steel
• Ring: anodized aluminum

Care Instructions
Can effortlessly be cleaned with just water. No harsh cleaning agents necessary.
Please be careful if you’re using a metal shovel. As enamel is harder than metal, the shovel can leave stains behind making your Katchit look scratched. You can easily remove these stains with metal polish.

Brand Values

The fact that a medium-sized manufacturer of enamel signs and an experienced designer of high-quality sanitary products work together can only be due to a cat. The result: a truly unique litter box with very special properties. Katchit products are completely produced in Germany, enamelled by hand, free of harmful substances and extremely durable. On top of that the company is particularly proud of its fair wage structure.

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