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Improve the life of farm animals

Improve the life of farm animals

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The life of all animals is precious, especially of those who will become food.

Unfortunately, the reality looks different – mass breeding, narrow stables, no light… We believe that every animal has the right to grow up in nature with lots of space. And with humans who care for them with love until the “last” day.

What does your commitment do?

You support legal and lobby work of NGOs that fight for better conditions. These include (among others):
  • Prohibition of “factory farming”
  • Better housing conditions
  • Stricter controls and tests
  • Listing of farmers/breeders in public directories and recording of misdemeanors
  • Transparency obligation for the complete chain of all animal processors
  • The mandatory admission of registered environmental and animal welfare associations to support (incompetent) control authorities
  • Prohibition of business execution in the event of persistent misconduct
  • Special EU programms to convert to sustainable farming solutions
  • Prohibition of slaughtering young animals and a statutory minimum slaughter age
  • Legalization of local, alternative, less stressful slaughter methods like pasture shots

Where does it go to?

  • NGOs
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Young farmers who need help establishing a new farm, run by alternative methods and pastures.

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