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Extraordinary cat bed—first-class combination of sustainability and innovative design!

The careful use of resources played a major role in the development of the CINNAMON cat cave. Canvas, which “in its previous life” was used as a backdrop in the photo studio, now serves as the material for this sculptural and plush inside retreat for cats who love to hide and snuggle. This cat cave perfectly combines design affinity, environmental awareness and animal welfare.

Sturdy case with soft, cuddly interior

The material-related, firm stand of the canvas is also supported inside the cave by a frame made of kite poles. The perfectly fitting, reversible, very fluffy faux fur blanket ensures a high degree of comfort and well-being.

Protected observation post

From the cave, your little darling has everything in sight and can relax and observe what is happening around him, while being in his own safe place of retreat, where he can feel wonderfully safe.

Please note:
The crinkled look of the cat cave is part of the design, material-related and intentional. The dimensions given are the external dimensions, the usable or lying area inside is slightly smaller due to the special shape of the cave.

Product Details

Krisztina Burmeister

Sizes & Dimensions
Length: 76 cm
Width: 56 cm
Height: 48 cm
Opening: Ø 24 cm
Weight: ca. 0.62 kg

• Body: stable, medium structured cotton blend fabric
• Frame: Fiberglass kite poles
• Faux Fur: 100 % Polyester

Care Instructions
The cover of the cave (outside and inside) can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. The faux fur lying surface can be machine washed at 30 °C (delicate cycle, low spin cycle) with mild detergents. If necessary, after drying, you can use a soft brush to brush up the faux fur again, for extra fluffiness. In between washes, you can shake out the faux fur from time to time or vacuum it with the upholstery brush of your vacuum cleaner. You can also simply brush out light dirt from time to time.

Brand Values

Grosseliebe, that is the devotion to technology, the high demand for quality and the pride in creating beautiful things with your own hands. All beds and pillows are handmade in the workshops and studios in Cologne, processes are strictly controlled and components are manufactured fairly and sustainably.
They use the special, revolutionary SAFE FRONT® surface technology that actively protects you and your darling against viruses, bacteria and mites. Thanks to the additional AQUA CLEAN® component—a 100 % complete nano-coating of the individual fabric fibers—the fabric can get wet and stains can be easily rinsed out of the fibers with just water.

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