Is Your Cat Not Drinking Enough?

Is Your Cat Not Drinking Enough?

Why a Premium Cat Food is Essential for Your Feline's Health

Our European domestic cat is descended from the Nubian wildcat. These live in all steppes, bush areas and savannahs in Africa and Arabia which are characterized by an arid and dry desert climate. This is the reason for there sparingly use of water. All European descendants, like our domestic cats, cover most of their water requirements through food. A premium cat food in form of a special wet food for cats like our Emperor Ragout or natural prey are therefore particularly important as a water source.

Dry food, by any means, is insufficient for cats. If only dry cat food is offered, this liquid intake is missing. Since the cat has hardly developed a desire to drink as a result of its evolution, very few cats compensate for this with external water sources and live in a permanently dehydrated state. But here come the problem: A good water balance makes it easier for your cats kidneys to do their job and ensures that toxins are eliminated more easily as they will be flushed out of your cat.

Dehydration, on the other hand, is bad for your cat's health and is a leading cause of kidney and bladder stones and urethral disease.

A Premium Cat Food Can Minimize the Risk of Damage to Your Cats Health

Treatment of this disease can often only be solved by surgery or the insertion of a catheter. After the treatment, the animal has to be kept on a special diet, but even then it never really gets well again and many tomcats have to return to the vet for a few weeks with a blocked urethra. The more often this is repeated, the more the repeated urinary retention damages the kidneys. This disease can therefore be life-threatening for neutered indoor cats.

All Dynasty® premium cat food variations have a high moisture content, generally around 80%. Due to the fact that cats often do not drink enough water. this type of cat food in a wet food form is ideal for your cat.

It is often observed that cats first eat sauces or jellies of the cat food before switching to the actual meat. The natural aromas, fats, etc. released into the meat juice during the cooking process create its attractiveness. So it's not surprising that when cats are fed Dynasty wet food, they consume less extra water.

If Your Room Smells Like Cat It Is much likely a Bad Nourishment

In general, the main route of excretion of metabolites of protein metabolism is the urine. The amount of protein consumed directly influences the volume of urine. Urea, creatinine and ammonium are mainly excreted in the urine as metabolic products. Like felinine. This is a non-proteinogenic amino acid that is released in the urine and gives it the odor typical of cats. Felinine is made from the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine ​​(typical of animal protein sources).

Depending on the food/water intake, the smell changes. The urine of cats that only eat dry food smells different than the urine of cats that only eat a premium wet food. A chicken feed will also produce a different urine odor than a beef feed. If your cat has a premium cat food such as Emperor Ragout, the urine will be less concentrated and consequently smell less of ammonia.

A Premium Cat Food is an Essential Component of  Your Cat's Diet as it Provides Numerous Benefits to Their Overall Health.

Unlike generic dry cat food, premium cat food contains a higher moisture content, which is essential for cats as they are naturally dehydrated. This higher moisture content helps with kidney and bladder health, minimizes the risk of developing kidney stones or urethral disease, and ensures that toxins are eliminated more efficiently from the body. Furthermore, premium cat food provides essential nutrients and vitamins, which are vital to maintain a healthy immune system and promote overall wellbeing. In contrast, generic dry food often lacks the essential nutrients and moisture, which can lead to health problems and negatively impact a cat's quality of life. A premium cat food is made of high-quality ingredients, making it more digestible, reducing the likelihood of digestive problems, and providing a complete and balanced diet for your cat. In conclusion, choosing a premium cat food can significantly improve the health of your feline companion, ensuring they lead a happy and healthy life.

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