Cost of purchasing and maintaining a cat

Cost of purchasing and maintaining a cat

Are you considering getting a cat as a pet? While cats can bring joy and companionship to your life, it's important to understand the financial responsibilities that come with owning a feline friend. From the initial purchase to ongoing expenses, let's explore the cost of purchasing and maintaining a cat.

How much does it cost to buy a cat?

The cost of purchasing a cat can vary depending on several factors, such as the breed, age, and where you acquire the cat from. On average, the price of a cat from the shelter is ranged from €50 to €150. However, if you're looking for a specific breed or a pedigree cat, the price will be significantly higher, reaching €500 to several thousand dollars.

What are the initial expenses?

When bringing a new cat home, there are some initial expenses to consider:

  • Adoption or purchase fee: As mentioned earlier, the cost of acquiring a cat can range from €50 to several thousand dollars.
  • Vaccinations and microchipping: It's essential to ensure your cat is up to date on vaccinations and has a microchip for identification purposes. The cost of vaccinations can range from €50 to €200, while microchipping typically costs around €50.
  • Spaying or neutering: If your cat hasn't been spayed or neutered, you'll need to consider this expense, which can range from €50 to €200.
  • Essential supplies: You'll also need to purchase supplies such as a litter box, beds and water bowls, toys, scratching posts, and maybe a scratch tree or other scratch tools. If you go for the cheapest options, these initial supplies can cost around €100 to €200. The cheaper it is, the sooner you will have to replace it. More quality products will cost around €1.000 but keep in mind, high quality cat furniture often lasts more than one cat live. 

What are the ongoing expenses?

Once you've covered the initial expenses, it's important to budget for the ongoing costs of cat ownership:

  • Food: The cost of cat food can vary depending on the brand and quality. On average, you can expect to spend around €20 to €50 per month on cat food. If you have a large and expensive breed, they don't just eat more. You will probably opt for a much higher quality food as well and can plan with €100. If you want to own more than one cat, it’ important to know that bigger package sizes are often much cheeper and therefore your monthly cost will not go up by much. 
  • Litter: The cost of cat litter can range from €10 to €20 per month.
  • Medical expenses: Cats require regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive treatments for fleas and ticks. These expenses can add up to around €200 to €500 per year.
  • Grooming: Depending on the breed, your cat may require regular grooming, which can cost around €50 to €100 per year.
  • Insurance: Consider getting pet insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses. The cost of pet insurance can range from €10 to €25 per month depending on size, scope of insurance and breed.

Calculating the costs per year

When calculating the costs per year, it's important to consider the range of expenses. Taking into account the minimum and maximum prices mentioned earlier, the annual cost of owning a cat can range from €500 to €2.500 or more. These figures are estimates, and the actual costs may vary depending on your location and individual cat's needs. In our opinion you should be comfortable with spending €1.000 per year for your cat to give it a healthy life and to be able to cover even more expensive vet treatments.

While owning a cat can be a rewarding experience, it's crucial to be financially prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. By understanding the costs involved, you can ensure that you provide your feline companion with the care and attention they deserve.

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