Emperor Chicken & Mussels Premium Cat Food

Designer: Dynasty
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Short Shelf Life — Best Before Date: 21.12.2023

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Size: 6x380g

Made in Germany

Raised, prepared, packaged and sealed in germany

Meaning of animal life

Made from adult animals

Healthy Cat Food in Premium Quality for a Natural Life of Cats

no added grain no added sugar no added legumes no added preservatives no protein substitutes no unnecessary supplements  no thickeners no attractants no food dyes no flavor enhancers no artificial flavors no fillers no animal testing

emperor catfood edition

Emperor Black Edition

Premium Cat Food in Sophisticated Combinations

DYNASTY® EMPEROR, is a premium complete feed for cats and uses only the best and highest-quality ingredients. The BLACK EDITION is made out of two protein sources, each from 100% animal origin, forming amazingly nutritious combinations with perfection as the goal.

Problems Switching to a High Quality Species-Appropriate Cat Food?

Like it is with humans, sometimes it can be hard to get your cat off that sugary drug and on to a healthy lifestyle. But the often tedious work is worth it to give your cat a healthier and longer life. We love cats and like to support you wherever we can. Our team of cat experts is always here to help you and your fluffy best friend.

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