Maneki Neko – Lucky Cat

What is the Symbolism & Meanings of the Maneki-Neko

Have you ever wondered about the intricate symbolism behind the charming maneki-neko? This iconic beckoning cat isn't just a delightful figurine; each element carries a unique meaning, making it a powerful talisman. Let's dive into the symbolism and meanings, decoding the language of the raised paw and the various nuances of this beloved charm.

The maneki-neko, with its intricate symbolism, invites you to choose a figurine that aligns with your wishes and aspirations. Whether for your home or business, understanding the meanings behind the raised paw adds an extra layer of charm to this beloved talisman. Stay tuned as we unravel more mysteries about the lucky cat's captivating symbolism! 🐾✨

Raised Paw

The primary feature of the maneki-neko is its raised paw, symbolizing a beckoning gesture. It is believed to invite good fortune, prosperity, and positive energy into the space where it resides.

Waving vs. Beckoning:

Some maneki-neko figurines have a paw that moves back and forth, simulating a waving motion. This is thought to beckon good fortune and happiness.

Coin and Koban in Paw:

The maneki-neko often holds a koban (gold coin) in its paw, signifying wealth and prosperity. Some may also have a small mallet, representing good fortune.


Some maneki-neko figurines wear bells or red collars. Bells are believed to ward off evil spirits, while red collars provide protection and good luck.

Where to place your Maneki Neko – Lucky Cat

The placement of the waving cat, or maneki-neko, is significant in its symbolism,
as it is believed to attract different forms of luck depending on where it stands.

Entrance of a Business

Placing the maneki-neko near the entrance of a business, shop, or restaurant is a common practice. The cat is believed to attract customers and clients, bringing prosperity and success to the establishment.

Facing Outward

To beckon good fortune and positive energy, it's often suggested to position the maneki-neko facing outward, as if welcoming visitors into the space.

Near Cash Registers

In retail or business settings, having the maneki-neko near cash registers or payment counters is thought to enhance financial success and attract wealth.


For homes, placing the maneki-neko near the entrance or in a prominent area is believed to invite good luck and positive energy into the household.

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